SOLVE (Save Open Lands, Vistas, and the Environment) is a grassroots
organization dedicated to managing land use in order to preserve
ecosystems, watersheds, Open Space , and wildlife habitat in Clear Creek
SOLVE continues to serve as an advocate and citizens awareness
SOLVE serves in an advisory capacity to the BOCC and other agencies
regarding environmental issues.
SOLVE promotes managing growth so that:
    Wildlife and fragile lands are protected.
    Water supply is preserved.
    Traffic flows.
    Existing infrastructure is used wisely.
    Forests are preserved and slopes are stabilized.
    Fiscal impacts on taxpayers are properly managed.
SOLVE is about solutions to these challenges, and about planning for
healthy communities.
Among our goals:
Researching all aspects of land use issues.
Obtaining a balance of open space and development.
Advocating realistic alternatives for land preservation in remote areas.
Exploring community management of public lands.
Advising the County policy-­makers.
Promoting the health and safety of residents.
Educating the public.

Save Open Lands,
Vistas and the