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Aurora's Horizon Uptown Hits Bump.  From the Denver Post, January 2010. BBC Research &
Consulting reports to the city of Aurora, CO, that their planned Horizon Uptown development has
hidden costs, and will be a financial burden to the city.
Colorado Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan.  The Executive Summary of the
2008 plan, including recreation providers and participant, and trends.
Colorado Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan Trends.  Discusses types of
outdoor recreational activities, how much participation there is in each, and notes that the overall trend
is for increasing participation in Colorado.
Colorado Tough Economic Times in 2009.   A University of Colorado professor explains the
political and economic situation in Colorado, and suggests how careful planning and a diversified
employment base can promote economic growth without violating TABOR.
Cost of Growth in Vail & Eagle County.  Description of the cost factors associated with growth
and development, that more than offset new revenues.
Delaware Sprawl.   Costs of various kinds of development in Delaware.  Created by the Middletown,
Odessa, and Townsend as they faced urban expansion into their mostly rural area.
Denver Parks Pay Off.  An August 2010 article from the Denver Post describing the financial value
of Denver parks to the city and its residents
Economic Benefits of Bike Paths.  This article makes a case that Cycling Lanies create more jobs
than Car-Only streets.
Economic Benefits of Bike Paths in Long Beach.  The city of Long Beach, CA, long a bastion of
the automobile, finds that adding bike paths adds value.
Economic Benefit of Outdoor Recreation.  The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation explores the
combined value of outdoor recreation, nature conservation, and historic preservation. Results are
presented in terms of Jobs, Tax Revenues, and Total Economic Activity.
Economic Benefit of Parks in New York.   Preserving the former commuter High Line has proven
to be a very successful economic development effort. Housing and business close to the line turn out
to be more valuable than properties further from the line.
Economic Benefits of Trails.  American Trails offers a look at a wide variety of economic impacts
for trails and greenways.
Economic Benefits of Undeveloped Land.  The Trust for Public Land describes value of
undeveloped land and open spaces in terms of property values, local economies, and economic
development. It also makes a case for development occurring in already-developed areas, rather than
sprawling in open areas.
Economic Impact of Trails on Property Values.  A University of Cincinnati research project is
among the first to quantify the impact of multipurpose trail proximity on residential property values
while isolating the results from the biasing effect of nearby property values.
Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation in the West.   Outdoor recreation tied to $256 Billion in
Spending and 2.3 Million Jobs.
Home Values and Open Land Uses.  A quantitative exploration of how much value is added to
homes (and the tax base they represent) for various open land uses.
Jobs per Square Foot - Commercial.  A research study that shows how to calculate the number of
jobs likely to be created by various kinds of commercial developments.  Helpful in estimating benefits
and costs for developments.
Living Wage Calculation for Clear Creek Count.   A calculation from the Living Wage Calculator
( web site.  Suggests an hourly wage for
residents of Clear Creek County that would provide a decent living-- one that is higher than the poverty
level or the minimum wage. Can be compared to living wages in other communities.
Northwest Colorado Growth and Change.  A case study of the City of Rifle, and the impact of
changes in the region. Explores issues with timing of costs and revenues.
Northwest Colorado Socioeconomic Analysis and Forecasts. A study of the the socioeconomic
forecasts, fiscal projections, and model.  Explores the impact of major oil drilling in the region.
Projects fiscal impacts.
Open Space and Property Values.  A report by Dr. John Crompton, describing the impact of parks
and open space on property values and the property tax base.  Discusses principles, empirical
studies, and implications for policy.
Outdoor Recreation Economy.  Outdoor Recreation is an economic giant, bigger than
Pharmaceuticals, Outpatient Health Care, Financial Service, and many other industries.
Protected Areas Drive Economic Growth.  Statistics on Visitor Spending and Jobs Created for
various jpublic lands in Colorado.
Quiet Recreation.  An economic model cites benefits of "quiet" recreation, and notes that it has
higher value to the community than motorized recreation.
Robbing Peter to Pay Aurora.  From the Denver Post, March 2010.  In an effort to make their
Horizon Uptown development pay, the city tries to find funds in unusual places - and have taxpayers
across Colorado help support them. (Note: the ploy was subsequently overturned).

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